Pizzicato Day Camps
Posted on March 12th, 2007 at 8:58 pm by D. Irving

Introducing children to the enjoyment of music.

Pizzicato offers Spring, Summer and Winter Day Camps

Children will learn the basics of music in an interactive, fun and varied program. Musical activities will be alternated with outdoor activities and games, They will have the opportunity to play music in a group setting and will gain an understanding of music theory in order to read music.

Children will be expected to participate and to handle instruments responsibly and carefully.

Children will have access to wind, string, brass and percussion instruments.

They will also take the instruments provided home to practice.

The program includes:

  • Music Awareness

  • Learning to play and care for an instrument

  • Outdoor activities

They will learn:

  • to read and write music

  • to play and care for orchestral instruments

  • to play and sing music in an orchestra

Cost: $75.00 a week for half day (9-12) $150 full day (9.00 -3.00)

before and after care is $10 an hour.

Weeks:  July 3rd to 7th 2017 

For more information and registration, call David Benoit-Irving Director at (819) 682-0958 or email dairving@hotmail.com